What Is Telecom?

TELECOM. Don’t think telephones!

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Ok, so we actually do a lot of things that involve telephones, but telecom is much, much more — and often misunderstood.

People frequently confuse the more limited subset of telephony with the larger world of telecom. They often think only of the main Telecom Carriers and “CLECs”. Though at last count, RCG has ~150 different providers at our disposal. MPLS, SD-WAN, SIP Solutions, UCaaS, CCaaS, Mobility Cloud Connectivity… the list is pretty long.

While we pride ourselves on swimming in our lane of telecom expertise, we also bring a proven process and procedure and our Clients see us as trusted advisors. We sometimes solve problems that sit outside of telecom. We like solving problems.

Think of it this way: If you had a Director of Telecom, that person would be involved in a lot of different things within your company. That’s our approach.

With our Telecom Department as a Service® offering, our team is your team.