Telecom Contracting as a Service®

TCaaS: What Does It Mean?

When we talk to our Clients, the contracting process with the telecom carriers is often a point of severe pain. Every service add, or new location, or general change requires a ton of work. IT Review, Legal involvement and process, and the related time drag can keep IT Departments stuck in a relationship where it’s just hard to do business. When you are ready to bring business to a service provider, it just shouldn’t be so hard. We decided to do something about it.

Telecom Contracting as a Service® is designed to fix the broken contracting process with the telecom carriers, and give our Clients the contracting process they truly want. We give you a single contract, streamlined and reduced, that allows our Clients to buy with more efficiency, within better time frames, and involving less risk.

This is just one more way we are working to change our industry, and make our mission of taking the burden out of telecom a reality. We’re excited to share more very soon!