We identify and fill every service gap between client and carrier.

RCG provides the full efficiency and effectiveness our clients seek.

Our staff, our processes, procedures, and goals are built around the concept of a full-service outsourced telecom department. Think of RCG as an extension of your team.

We help our clients navigate the messy and problematic world of telecommunications, and our goal is to allow our clients to repurpose time, resources, and focus from the difficult to consume, costly, and typically non-strategic world of telecom.

Telecom Department as a Service®

Consulting and Assessment

We leverage decades of experience matched with the most current industry insight, helping our clients make the best decisions that face them and providing a unique clarity to a complicated industry.

Engineer & Design

Designing every solution around a disciplined process, we match client criteria to the proper product, service, and price. We design from the client need towards the end solution, never from the solution inward.

Vendor Management

We eliminate the telecom sales process, remove our clients from the telecom lifecycle process, and make each interaction with our clients’ wide array of vendors the most efficient.

Centralized Procurement

Our mature process and procedure fills every telecom need while turning a clunky sales process into streamlined procurement.


Traditional project management doesn’t always translate to telecom; it takes a special language and approach. We tailor implementation based on decades of experience, specific to the telecom process.

Invoice Processing & AP Coordination

Telecom invoices require a special level of translation, that both IT and AP can fully understand. We provide that translation and wrap telecom-centric processes and procedures around how carrier invoices are loaded, analyzed, approved/disputed, and paid.

Inventory Management & Audit

We keep accurate, properly managed, and audited inventory, driving the efficiency and effectiveness our clients need while delivering the true and consistent savings they desire.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Getting to the data you need within your telecom environment can seem impossible. We provide standardized and customized reporting and BI, which allows our clients to make highly informed decisions, specific to their telecom needs.

Escalation & Issue Resolution

RCG navigates the escalation process for clients while leveraging decades of experience to drive resolution. We stay current on how and where to press vendors, based on how they operate.