Telecom: Let’s Be Honest

Be honest. Are you running your telecom environment, or is it running you? We get a lot of responses to this question, some pretty honest. Others, not so much. Whatever the initial Prospect or Client response is, we generally ask a few more questions: Do you know how much you spend, to the penny, across […]

Big Ass Check

If you focus only on savings, you probably won’t get it right. If you focus on getting it right, you’ll always get the savings. Savings is an outcome.


5,608,885 That’s the Registration Number issued on November 13, 2018, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for Telecom Department as a Service®. It’s a pretty big number, really big for us here at RCG. We spent decades in the industry, working towards the number 5,608,885. We believe we are doing something different, something […]

The Burdens of Telecom

Traditional telecom industry models look a little like this: “Hey Mr. or Mrs. Client, I’d like for you to spend a lot of time and attention to become a part of my telecom sales process. I’m going to ask about all your pain points, but I won’t have anything but a product to offer. I […]

The Six “P’s”

We get asked a lot, what makes us different. We’re pretty vocal about what makes us different, even when we’re not asked. RCG’s Telecom Department as a Service® is the first of its kind, but it’s more than that for us. The telecom industry has a lot of background noise; companies that have no real […]

We Welcome Competition

A prospective new client recently approached one of our friends in the local IT Community; a well-respected IT Service Provider who we’ve worked with in the past, to ask their opinion on our Telecom Department as a Service™ offering. The prospect knew our reputation but was being asked to do some due diligence by their […]