The Burdens of Telecom

Traditional telecom industry models look a little like this: “Hey Mr. or Mrs. Client, I’d like for you to spend a lot of time and attention to become a part of my telecom sales process. I’m going to ask about all your pain points, but I won’t have anything but a product to offer. I […]

The Six “P’s”

We get asked a lot, what makes us different. We’re pretty vocal about what makes us different, even when we’re not asked. RCG’s Telecom Department as a Service® is the first of its kind, but it’s more than that for us. The telecom industry has a lot of background noise; companies that have no real […]

We Welcome Competition

A prospective new client recently approached one of our friends in the local IT Community; a well-respected IT Service Provider who we’ve worked with in the past, to ask their opinion on our Telecom Department as a Service™ offering. The prospect knew our reputation but was being asked to do some due diligence by their […]

Here at RCG

At RCG, we believe the telecom industry is broken. It’s a tough realization, one that we initially weren’t exactly proud of. Decades of waning relevance, low margins, high debt, and talent drain have kept the telecom industry stagnant; incapable or unwilling to evolve their service offerings to the client. Many companies, seeing no strategic value […]

RCG Takes the Burden Out of Telecom

Over a decade of serving our clients telecom needs led us to a pretty simple truth: The biggest challenge in the telecom industry isn’t telecom; it’s the telecom department — or more correctly, the lack of one. Telecom is a critical and essential need for most businesses, but it’s typically not a strategic need. As […]

Meds and Diapers

I was recently in a meeting with the CIO of a healthcare operations company, specifically long-term care and assisted living facilities. We were speaking of different technology trends, with terms like ‘Cloud’ and ‘____ as a service/aaS’ peppered throughout the discussion. We expressed excitement, seeing several true paradigm shifts that are changing the world of […]