RCG Takes the Burden Out of Telecom

Over a decade of serving our clients telecom needs led us to a pretty simple truth: The biggest challenge in the telecom industry isn’t telecom; it’s the telecom department — or more correctly, the lack of one. Telecom is a critical and essential need for most businesses, but it’s typically not a strategic need. As […]

Meds and Diapers

I was recently in a meeting with the CIO of a healthcare operations company, specifically long-term care and assisted living facilities. We were speaking of different technology trends, with terms like ‘Cloud’ and ‘____ as a service/aaS’ peppered throughout the discussion. We expressed excitement, seeing several true paradigm shifts that are changing the world of […]

What Do You Serve?

In conversation with a colleague, the question was asked: “What makes you {your company} different?” This question has been something of a new hobby of mine. I started with “Different than what?” It is my belief that our business model is unique, and have seen little evidence to the contrary. I want to constantly challenge […]

POTs Lines are Everywhere!

Disclaimer: The topic of this entry (POTs lines) was specifically requested by a business partner. When I discuss POTs lines, I get confused looks, and typically even confused responses in that discussion. “Why are you dealing with POTs lines?” It’s the lowest common denominator of the telecommunications industry, but only as a product. The need […]

Puzzle Pieces

I was recently working on a recommendation for a client, specific to a process improvement we were looking to implement. This suggestion had been made to the client half a dozen times and had, outside of agreeable nods, gained minimal traction. I felt myself playing a bit of metaphorical pinball, bumping against the silos within […]

Telecom Janitorial Services – an effective analogy.

When I began my career in the telecommunications field, it was a sexy industry. I worked for WorldCom, who owned UUNET, one of the original big boys of Internet Service Providers. We rode scooters, had egos, and were the future of technology. We were the internet. Oh, and about WorldCom…you probably remember them. “One of […]