Matching the Best UCaaS Providers with a Client’s Telecom Needs

RCG leverages roughly three times as many unified-communication-as-a-service (UCaaS) providers as the average telecommunications consulting company. In fact, most telecom consultants and brokers intentionally limit the number of UCaaS providers they work with. 

This is a common tactic that saves them time by making it easier to replicate processes. And having fewer vendors allows them to maximize volume-based commissions by consolidating spends.

It’s not hard to imagine what these profit-driven tactics lead to: UCaaS plans that are built for revenue rather than satisfying Client needs and providing long-term value.

That’s why we work with so many vendors. We’re committed to truly understanding every UCaaS provider and how to work with them to satisfy our Client’s criteria.

Now more so than ever before, businesses are working to understand and properly react to the changing demands of our new work-from-home reality. All the while, profit-driven telecom sharks are looking to have a feeding frenzy off of telecom needs from COVID-19. 

There will continue to be a huge uptick in demand for telecom consultants to help Clients navigate the confusing and cluttered landscape of UCaaS providers. Especially now, it is critical to focus on understanding and delivering solutions catered to a Client’s unique criteria.

The Art and Science of Matching Client Criteria with the Best UCaaS Providers

Uncovering Client criteria is easier said than done, but we’re skilled in reading between the lines to understand true needs. Common UCaaS criteria include:

  • Considering how the help desk engages a carrier for creating a ticket
  • Reviewing the state of the Client’s CRM and usage
  • Accounting for workforce communication tools, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Managing existing and expected integration needs for Client-operated contact centers

With the criteria uncovered, we can match Clients with the best carrier for satisfying their exact needs. We were able to do just this in a recent Case Study. 

A local Client presented some very unique requirements in the wake of Nashville’s March 2020 tornadoes. The natural disaster pushed the Client’s existing business continuity plan to its absolute extreme…or so we all thought. Because a week later, they were also incorporating COVID-19 safeguards into the plan. We were able to work with the Client’s CTO to get their entire corporate voice solution onto a cloud-based system in just five days.

Give the full case study a read to see all the juicy details.

We would have never been able to pull off such a quick turnaround for this Client if we weren’t in lockstep on their needs and committed to matching them to the best possible provider.

Let’s connect if you’re in need of telecom services. We’d be happy to employ the same dedication and our proven process and methodologies to uncovering and delivering a UCaaS solution that perfectly fits your needs.