#Inform, #Assure, #Entertain

We’re a bit disgusted with the ham-handed approach to sell wares and widgets during a crisis. The most disappointing part is how uniformly banal they’ve been and lacking in any sort of emotional self-awareness with their robotic crisis mode pitches.

So, we’re taking the following marketing approach for the next thirty days: #Inform#Assure, or #Entertain. If we’re not doing one of those three things, we’re not doing it right. We want to engage existing and potential Clients with the respect this time calls for. So, we have to do one or all of these three things for any one whose attention we are asking for: #Inform#Assure, or #Entertain.

We will inform you of their assurances as we receive them; maybe even in haiku form, to keep humor as close as possible. We need some humor right now, while we can!

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Let’s help where we can help and #Inform, #Assure, or #Entertain.
Join us!