The Moment They Just Get It

We pride ourselves on the fact that we believe we can help everyone; that there is no company that couldn’t benefit from our service. It’s a bold stance, but one we’ve yet to see fail. 

When we explain our business model — what Telecom Department as a Service® truly is — there’s this moment where most Clients and Partners just get it. They see that not a lot of companies in the telecom industry have built out an actual service model at all. They’re used to seeing vendors or agents focused on selling a product (what we call “pitching the widget”), or Expense Management companies trying to find low-hanging fruit but never a full solution to the Clients underlying problem.

“What if you need a company to implement a solution that’s in-flight, but stalled?”

“What if you need a company to do already identified disconnects and manage them to completion?”

“What if you need an advisor to help choose and implement a SaaS Telecom Expense/Inventory Management tool?” 

“What if what you need is a fully functional Telecom Department, but in an ‘as a Service’ model?”

The list is small, until you get to that last one, and then it becomes just one: US.

We are the only company designed to be a fully-outsourced, fully-functional Telecom Department. If we can get a potential Client to work through their experience with telecom and their lack of service options, there is almost always a light that goes off. They just get it — that they haven’t seen an offering built like ours, that they’ve always been pulled into a widget sale or a recurring Expense Management cycle. 

When they realize that they’ve been operating without the function of a telecom department, they see that they’ve been treating symptoms, but never the underlying disease. A strong analogy, but one that continues to ring true to our Clients… because for our Clients, there was that moment when they just got it; and that’s when the real problem was solved. 

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