Who Wants to Talk About Telecom?

We were beginning our Quarterly Business Review meeting with an existing Client, and meeting several members of their IT Team that we had not met before. To break the ice with the folks I’d never met, I tried to start the meeting with a little humor.

“So… (I smiled wide and rubbed my hands together, feigning extreme excitement) WHO wants to talk about TELECOM???” The entire room laughed, showing a shared understanding. Telecom sucks and no one wants to talk about it. We came together in a common understanding which was nice, but now I had to do something with this shared moment; I had to segue into some sort of value proposition, which was pretty easy.

“The real answer is no one wants to talk about telecom and with the RCG – Telecom Department as a Service® offering, you don’t have to — at least not in the way you’ve had to in the past. Now, the conversation is focused on a set of strategic instructions from you and a list of necessary action items or tactics for us. Every conversation ends with getting work off of you — the Client — and onto our team. We are your telecom department, we do the work, we are the help.”

It’s not always easy. Years of defense mechanisms built into the Client’s psyche, based on bad interactions with “vendors”, makes that first interaction with us a new experience sometimes. We get it and we work toward an understanding of our role: that of their Telecom Department.

We want the process to become like muscle memory:

  1. Is it Telecom-related work?
  2. If yes, let RCG handle it. It’s that simple.

We fully understand (and we’re quite proud of) the fact that we are the only company built to be a full-service, outsourced Telecom Department. Clients don’t get many options within the telecom industry that actually takes the work off of them. They enter into our industry and it’s painful.

Telecom sucks, so we built a service model to address that. It’s designed to fill every service gap in the telecom industry. We designed a one-of-a-kind offering, built to address the frustrations we’d seen our Clients experience with our industry over our careers, so often lacking in full service at every turn. We built a system whose main goal is to take the burden out of telecom by taking the Client out of the work created within the telecom lifecycle.

We built a service model that takes a unique approach within our industry, because we understand; we get it. So… who wants to talk about telecom?