Telecom: Let’s Be Honest

Be honest. Are you running your telecom environment, or is it running you?

We get a lot of responses to this question, some pretty honest. Others, not so much. Whatever the initial Prospect or Client response is, we generally ask a few more questions:

  1. Do you know how much you spend, to the penny, across your entire telecom environment? If not, do you have any idea how to get even close to that number?
  2. If you have a site that calls in with a telecom related issue, will you know what you have at that location? If you do know, do you know how to call to get a ticket opened or how to escalate if needed?
  3. Do you know your entire telecom inventory? What’s oversized, undersized, or maybe even no longer needed (but not properly disconnected)? As you scramble to get whatever spreadsheet you may have, somewhere, you may want to also ask the last time it was updated.

It’s OK. Most of our Prospects and Clients don’t have great answers to the above questions. It can be tough to be honest about a problem. Our industry doesn’t do much to instill trust either, so that can be pretty tough on everyone too.

We believe the telecom industry is broken. That’s a pretty honest stance, for a group of telecom industry veterans.

Our Telecom Department as a Service® offering is our response to the things that are broken. We will fill every service gap between the Client and the carriers, and we’ll be honest. That is not an easy task. Our Mission is to take the burden out of telecom, and that’s not easy either. But, we’ve worked in a broken industry for the better part of two decades, and that has never been easy. So, we are going to do it right.

Be honest about your telecom. We sure will. Give us a call to talk more.