Big Ass Check

If you focus only on savings, you probably won’t get it right. If you focus on getting it right, you’ll always get the savings. Savings is an outcome.

When we first estimated what we would save the Client, we estimated around $28,000 a month, or around $336,000 annually. We were proud of that number.

We advised the Client it would take a while, the changes required physical infrastructure and new network to be deployed; not just re-writing contracts. We moved the Client to a more strategic product-set for them, giving them tons more flexibility for their Data Center needs, Corporate needs, and Contact Center needs. All while estimating savings of around $28k per month. We were going to do it right.

As we were migrating the network, and working towards the savings, we found a way to renegotiate a new discount not available previously. The Client was surprised that we were reworking their contracts after we had just done that. They thought they were locked in, but we showed them a different path. We are now close to around $40k average in monthly savings, or around $480,000 total expected savings.

Oh, and that check in the picture? We call this the RCG “Big Ass Check” and it’s to represent a one-time credit from one of the carriers; a credit we fought for and won for the Client. This number is not included in any of those savings numbers up there. So, yeah…it’s the cherry on top. A roughly quarter-of-a-million dollar cherry on top. We were proud of that number too.