That’s the Registration Number issued on November 13, 2018, from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for Telecom Department as a Service®. It’s a pretty big number, really big for us here at RCG. We spent decades in the industry, working towards the number 5,608,885.

We believe we are doing something different, something unparalleled in the telecom industry. Guess who agrees with us? The United States Patent and Trademark Office, that’s who.

We realized the real problem is that the modern IT Department generally doesn’t have a real way to address the telecom lifecycle. It’s been weeded out, left to atrophy or die entirely. Telecom didn’t go away, but telecom departments seemed to have. Some poor VP of IT, generally with a background in anything but telecom, is responsible for telecom; fighting a battle they are losing.

Generally, IT approaches telecom with one goal: savings, but 80% of Enterprise companies are overspending by around 20%, at a minimum. Companies are losing the only battle they know how to fight.

The industry wasn’t offering much in the form of a solution, not to the real problem, and we believe that problem is rooted in the presence or absence of a Telecom Department, outsourced or otherwise. Carriers, Broker/Agents, TEMs, Consultants… that’s the menu. Pieces and parts, that when cobbled together still didn’t solve the entire problem.

Clients were lacking in a comprehensive option to solve the real problem, so we created it, and on November 13, 2018, Telecom Department as a Service® was officially registered as a protected trademark. We are the first managed-service provider in the telecom industry designed to be a fully-functioning, outsourced telecom department.

Our Vision is to become the business world’s telecom department… and 5,608,885 is a great number to start with.