The Burdens of Telecom

Traditional telecom industry models look a little like this:

“Hey Mr. or Mrs. Client, I’d like for you to spend a lot of time and attention to become a part of my telecom sales process. I’m going to ask about all your pain points, but I won’t have anything but a product to offer. I will look to you to gather all the necessary data to justify the discussion, which I know you don’t have to begin with. My long-term plan is to capitalize on the pain of your existing broken telecom environment, and all I’m going to do is just break it in a different direction.”

Or this….

“Hey Mr. or Mrs. Client, I’d like to manipulate your contracts a little, save you some short-term money, charge you a large fee, fix mostly nothing, and then go away for three years just to come back to do it all over again.”

 Sound familiar? It sure does to us. Like our Clients, we were stuck for a large part of our careers in that same telecom rut. We’d been frustrated and unfulfilled, with no real options to break the cycle.

So we created the option.

The RCG – Telecom Department as a Service® offering is the first of its kind; harnessing decades of shared frustrations with the telecom industry and designed to fill every service gap between the telecom carriers and the Clients.

Our Mission is to take the burden out of telecom; to take the drudgery and complications, the confusion and waste, the massive amount of work it takes to consume telecommunications off of our clients. That won’t be easy, and to do it, we’ll have to do things very differently than how our industry is designed today.

It’s a challenge and commitment we’ve worked our entire careers to take on, and we are ready for the challenge. It was tough to admit, but in our past, we were often a part of the problem; creating many of the burdens we hated so much. We wanted something different, and we had to create something to get it.

Once, we were part of the problem, and we just couldn’t be that anymore. We get to be the solution now.