The Six “P’s”

We get asked a lot, what makes us different. We’re pretty vocal about what makes us different, even when we’re not asked. RCG’s Telecom Department as a Service® is the first of its kind, but it’s more than that for us.

The telecom industry has a lot of background noise; companies that have no real differentiation or true value proposition. Widget pushers, we call them. They have a product they represent, and they push it as the solution to your problems.

PRODUCT is just one of the “P’s”, but nowhere near the most important one. We believe our difference lies in the other “P’s” that are the foundation of real problem-solving in the telecom industry.

PROCESS: the big picture, the strategy.
We analyze the gaps between the carriers and the Client, and we fill them. It’s a big task, and it’s always changing, but it’s why we are here. Our mission is to take the burden out of telecom. So much of that burden lies in the process, either broken or non-existing… until we step in.

PROCEDURE: the granular, the tactical.
How we get from A to Z, from concept to completion. We are dedicated to constant improvement, angling towards the efficiency and effectiveness our clients see in other parts of the technology industry, but often not in ours.

PEOPLE: how it all gets done.
We have a saying “Technology can fix problems, but it takes people to fix technology.” The average experience in the telecom field for most of our team is counted in decades. Collectively, it’s counted in centuries. We’ve fixed a lot of problems, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it, but we are always looking for more. Every day, get better – it’s a part of our culture.

We’ve also got a secret weapon, another one of the “P’s” that is in short demand: PASSION.
We get it, passion isn’t always a word you associate with telecom, and for a long time, it might not have been for us either. If we look at our careers, there was a time for every person on the RCG Team when we were widget pushers; pushing product. Those days are over, and having lived them, it made us hungry for the sort of meaning that comes with our new service model.

We have something better now at RCG, something we’ve been yearning for and growing towards for most of our careers, the sixth “P” that ties them all together: