We Welcome Competition

A prospective new client recently approached one of our friends in the local IT Community; a well-respected IT Service Provider who we’ve worked with in the past, to ask their opinion on our Telecom Department as a Service™ offering. The prospect knew our reputation but was being asked to do some due diligence by their upper management team.

The prospective client shared with us that we got glowing reviews – which was really nice to hear.

Then the client shared a bit more; that as a part of that due diligence they were also tasked to get comparative quotes to our Telecom Department as a Service™ offering. This particular client exists in multiple U.S. States and had several geographically dispersed peers in their IT Department reach out to their contacts in their respective markets. They wanted to find similar offerings to ours and compare us against them.

We love to compete, but on this one, we couldn’t.

We couldn’t compete, because this client could not find a competitor that offers the full breadth of our Telecom Department as a Service®, in one packaged offering. 

The prospective client laughed as he told us that they would need three different providers, at a minimum. Even then, there were still missing parts. Ours was the only comprehensive offering they could find.

We knew we were doing something unique, something special that didn’t seem to exist anywhere else in the telecom services industry.

We’ve also read all the marketing and business management books that say never, ever claim to have no true competitor; so we never really did.

We let our client* say it for us.

*Notice how we started with “prospective client” and finished with just “client”? We received signed agreements last week.