Here at RCG

At RCG, we believe the telecom industry is broken.

It’s a tough realization, one that we initially weren’t exactly proud of.

Decades of waning relevance, low margins, high debt, and talent drain have kept the telecom industry stagnant; incapable or unwilling to evolve their service offerings to the client.

Many companies, seeing no strategic value to telecommunications, cut internal resources that would otherwise be dedicated to the telecom lifecycle.

Industry offerings with a focus on product placement, short-term savings with upfront fees, or self-service tools, had little relevance to the client. As the modern IT Department evolved, and the Telecom Department was eliminated, the Telecom industry struggled to evolve.

As clients push to cut costs and optimize assets, the internal and external resources to navigate the telecom discussion are overburdened, misaligned, or not present at all. Telecom became the lowest rung on the technology ladder.

We decided to change that, at least in our approach.

We asked our clients what their true needs were. We heard that telecom was too difficult to consume; the lifecycle was a nightmare. We heard that telecom was expensive, difficult to audit and maintain, typically non-strategic, and generally not a core competency of our clients.

Learning this, we created the first offering designed to truly address the problem: the need to outsource the telecom lifecycle in its entirety.

RCG – Telecom Department as a Service® is the first offering designed to remove the client from the telecom lifecycle; and that… that, we are very proud of.