RCG Takes the Burden Out of Telecom

Over a decade of serving our clients telecom needs led us to a pretty simple truth: The biggest challenge in the telecom industry isn’t telecom; it’s the telecom department — or more correctly, the lack of one.

Telecom is a critical and essential need for most businesses, but it’s typically not a strategic need. As IT Departments focus on core strategic functions, the resources generally dedicated to the telecom lifecycle became less and less feasible, all while telecom needs became more complex and difficult to consume.

Lacking a strategic driver, the telecom industry often relied on cost reduction as its primary competitive approach; an approach that only compounded the lack of a strategic driver. Decades of waning relevance, reduced margins, and talent drain to other areas of technology gave clients little reason to focus on anything other than price. Internally, IT Departments could no longer budget for resources committed to the consumption of telecom.

The value-added reseller, consulting, and added services community focused on telecom struggled to evolve. The reseller, typically focused on a broker-agent model, relied on a product that continued to lose relevancy. The consultant, typically focused on a non-strategic part of IT, struggled to gain a seat at the table. The added services community were often pushed towards one-time expense management, with no long-term ability to fix the true underlying problems.

We believe we are doing something unique; something that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Resource Communications Group (RCG) is the very first provider of Telecom Department as a Service®.  We offer the resources needed to navigate the telecom industry, but in an affordable outsourced or as-a-service model. IT Departments now have a comprehensive offering, that covers the spectrum of needs associated with the telecom lifecycle.

We remove the client from the telecom lifecycle. We introduce the people, process, and procedure lacking in our industry. We focus on our clients needs and goals, and never on the telecom widget. We provide the efficiency and effectiveness often seen in other industries, but not in ours. We rethink and repair the broken telecom lifecycle.

 At RCG, we have a single mission: We take the burden out of telecom.