Takeaways From the CenturyLink and AT&T Conferences

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ATT Conference 2

Director of Sales Rich Brown at the AT&T conference

Our own desks can be confining. It’s easy to narrow in on task lists and the pressing to-dos and lose sight of the grander purpose of our work. As such, tuning into a room with hundreds of likeminded professionals can offer a needed dose of refreshment and a chance to reorient.

Beginning 2015 on the right foot, representatives from RCG plugged into two conferences, hosted separately by CenturyLink and AT&T. These conferences gave us an opportunity to meaningfully connect with industry colleagues and bounce ideas back and forth. The speakers stretched our minds as we digested the trends that are characterizing our dynamic industry. CenturyLink and AT&T shared what they are each focusing on this year and how they’ll better help us meet the needs of our clients.

To get the most out of conferences, we’ve learned to come with a plan. We like to identify people we want to connect with way before we ever take a seat. This is our chance to shake hands with others who share our challenges and hear how they’re taking advantage of opportunities. Also, breakout sessions can offer some of the most nutritious and specialized discussions, so we deliberately select ones that align with company goals.

At RCG, we’re continually thinking of how to evolve our services and during every speaker and conversation, we’re thinking of our clients. With rich discussions and strategic sessions, we left with key takeaways from each conference. Here’s what we learned this year:


Cloud or bust: CenturyLink is taking a full-throttle approach to the cloud with a substantial investment in cloud for enterprises. They’re pursuing avenues for streamlining the cloud and exploring options that are non-transactional. Our clients can anticipate increased cloud coverage domestically and internationally and continual developments in this sphere of technology.

With 400 changes and offers put out last year on the cloud, CenturyLink is offering upgrades at a rate of one a day. Our customers should expect to see CenturyLink continuing to churn out new products and promotions.


Small business focus: AT&T communicated an emphasis on small businesses, with new product offerings and a stress on mobility. Their focus is being pushed downwards, as they are incentivizing small companies to utilize their capabilities across all spectrums.  We’re excited to see AT&T zoning in on small businesses, with new U-verse products designed specifically designed to meet their needs.

Conferences serve as launch pads from which to stretch ourselves for the new year. It’s also a way for us to connect face-to-face with the carrier executives whom we work with on a regular basis and build upon a strong relationship. We’re thankful to work with such forward-thinking companies who have the best interests of our clients in mind.

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