RCG Just Pull the Battery… Really…

Just Pull the Battery… Really…

Posted on Apr/23/2012 by
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I’ve been working with electronics for a number of years now and specifically tech support for mobile devices for a little over 2 years. Even over that respectively short period of time, I’ve worked on some crazy ones (devices and humans). We all can get a little befuddled by malfunctioning smartphones, and believe me, I...

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RCG Ecommerce Shop Site – High Ratings

Posted on Mar/23/2012 by
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Josh Mackens of Tutelary Marketing has been helping our RCG Shop site manager Jeremy Dixon with SEO development, SEO implementation, website consulting, conversion consulting, click through consulting, & graphic design the past month.  Has this advice paid off? You bet is has.  Jeremy states, “Without him I do not see the site being nearly what it...

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Google Puts Their Spin on Android Market with Google Play Rename

Posted on Mar/12/2012 by
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For all you Android users out there, you probably noticed a subtle change over the past few days. The “little green bag” icon representing the Android Market application suddenly took on a new look and name. The Android Market is now called Google Play, indicating that this is Google’s database for mobile apps, music, movies,...

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Flipboard: You’re the new Editor in Chief!

Posted on Feb/27/2012 by
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If you are one of the MILLIONS of readers who view our blogs here on myrcg.com, you’ll notice that we do talk a lot about the amazing phenomenon that keeps happening throughout the last few years, and that is the “killing-off” of certain conventional ideas with the aid of new technologies that keep rolling down...

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Pinterest – Why Tell People What Interests You When You Can Show Them?

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Social networking and media have been around for some time now. The “top-gun” (now public “top-gun”) has been Facebook. This behemoth of all things social has introduced to us the idea of virtual “friends” as well as other oddities that have crept their way into our everyday lives such as “liking”, “tagging”, and the infamous...

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Job Openings at RCG- EVP Corporate Account Manager

Posted on Feb/15/2012 by
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RCG is looking for an exceptional individual to work with our inside sales team and spread the message that we make voice, data and wireless easy! “B” players need not apply. If you are… • Awesome- Meaning that you come to RCG with a big smile, positive attitude and desire to get 1% better each...

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Job Openings at RCG- General Business CAM

Posted on Feb/13/2012 by
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RCG is looking for Rockstar-status Corporate Account Managers to shout to the world how RCG can impact others business and to change the way telecom is sold along the way. If you are… • BIG Time High Energy- Do you get energy from discovering new clients and love the thrill of the chase? Do you...

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Being there

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I have had every device and gadget known to man.  Not really all, but I have a lot of battery/electric powered things. I usually don’t wait when new things come out as I am an impulse buyer unlike my wife who shops for the thrill of shopping and not buying.  If she does buy, more...

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