RCG Takeaways From the CenturyLink and AT&T Conferences

Takeaways From the CenturyLink and AT&T Conferences

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Our own desks can be confining. It’s easy to narrow in on task lists and the pressing to-dos and lose sight of the grander purpose of our work. As such, tuning into a room with hundreds of likeminded professionals can offer a needed dose of refreshment and a chance to reorient. Beginning 2015 on the...

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“Old Home Week” and the Telecom Takeaway

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Confession: We love telecom conferences. Are you picturing a series of awkward luncheons, stale lectures and endless award ceremonies? To the outsider, there may be some merit to those clichés, but for those of us in the telecom family, these conferences are what we call “Old Home Week.” It’s a reunion of the same 300...

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