Spreading Mojo – A Lesson in Enthusiasm

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The reason I work for RCG now is because someone I knew overheard someone talking about RCG. This led to questions about the company, and finally to a job opening that I applied for. The main take-away though was this: somebody loved their job enough to spread the good news!

At RCG, we call this spreading Mojo. It feeds into one of our core values: be enthusiastic about everything you do and MAKE IT FUN! Mojo is the 30 minute conversation that happens after your friend asks you “So how’s work?” Mojo is the Thank You card that showed up on your desk out of the blue recognizing something that you thought no one noticed. Mojo is getting a handshake (or better yet, a high five!) from the client you just helped out of a jam. Mojo is an impromptu pizza lunch for the office! Mojo can be a lot of things, but it is always full of one thing: enthusiasm for what you do.

We have all been there. The dreaded “job” that makes us re-think our entire lives every morning when we wake up (Why didn’t I go to Law School!!?? Etc.). We get knots in our stomach. We start to avoid people because we know what talking to them may bring, and all of a sudden we are creating NOJO. Nojo is the opposite of Mojo. It’s the Debbie Downer stuff that makes all of us wish that we were somewhere else other than here. The worst part about Nojo is that it is so easy to put our focus on it. As humans we have this innate longing to concentrate of negatives. Why do you think the evening news looks like it does? We thrive off of hearing about the car crash, and the explosion, and the company that tanked and sent someone to prison.

However, some of you out there believe we can make a better world. One of the ways we can do this is through business. We spend 40+ hours a week around the same people. These people are not family, they are not long lost best friends. They are co-workers. Now, to get real for a second, our actual work is not going to always be fun. It may never be fun. The important thing is to create an environment where positivity and excitement can thrive. Tasks can always be accomplished, but enthusiasm in your work allows you to accomplish the task without letting the Nojo of the world bring you down a little further.

So spread it around, Mojo that is, and make a better business. In turn you’ll make a better world.

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