Optimizing Your Telecom Services for 2015

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Regardless of where your company lies along the spectrum of small to giant, telecom is your backbone.

Telecom technology drives efficiency, connectivity and productivity, all of which are crucial for a healthy and growing business. However, with the evolving landscape of products and services, companies often take shortcuts when it comes to telecom decisions.

Cutting corners instead of prioritizing telecom services endangers the reliability and efficiency of a network and can spawn unnecessary costs over time.

Optimizing telecom is important for businesses to get the right services at the most competitive prices. Many companies view their telecom services as a messy closet that they’re too intimidated to organize. For example, nearly two-thirds of companies are mismanaging their telecom expenses, according to CIO Magazine. With the complexity of telecom services and the variance between companies, an expert eye is needed to clean out the clutter. So where to begin?

Rid yourself of auto-renewal clauses

Auto-renewal clauses are among the most common traps associated with telecom bills. Your telecom needs this year are probably different from what they were last year. You can’t afford to be paying for the wrong services or services you no longer need. Plus, price of telecom services continues to fall and auto-renewal clauses are the barrier between you and cost-savings. Delete these clauses from your 2015 telecom contract so you can shop around as your needs change.

Keep an accurate inventory

Unused phone and fax lines may be driving up your bill. Companies can be charged for inactive phone lines that are sitting in an office as employees move in and out of positions. For large companies with thousands of lines, keeping an accurate inventory would be a full-time job in itself, so it’s important to find a consultant who can help you manage the true count so you’re not paying for dormant lines.

At RCG, we regularly find companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars on unused lines or antiquated technologies alone. Performing a regular telecom technology audit is one of the best ways to ensure your telecom system is operating with optimization.

Shop around

Prices fluctuate regularly in the telecom industry. When your contracts near their end, always compare prices and services between providers and speak with representatives who can explain the ins-and-outs of their service structure. Make sure that your individual contact is someone you can trust to advise you on what’s best for your company and your wallet.

Think in terms of efficiency

Moving into the New Year, a reliable network should be top priority, and it’s important to understand that, when making telecom decisions, efficiency is on the line. According to Channel Partners, 75 percent of IT managers say optimization raised efficiency. So as you invest time and effort into optimizing your telecom services, you’re actively making the office a better place to work and thrive.

With the dawn of a new year, hand over the layers of your telecom services to an expert who can alleviate the complexity and help you optimize for your company’s best year yet.

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