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I’ve been working with electronics for a number of years now and specifically tech support for mobile devices for a little over 2 years. Even over that respectively short period of time, I’ve worked on some crazy ones (devices and humans). We all can get a little befuddled by malfunctioning smartphones, and believe me, I know how frustrating it gets. However, when it comes down to it, there actually are less “defective” devices out there lurking in the shadows than you think. What causes many of our cellular woes, then? Us. Yes, I know. We all hate to turn that finger around to point back at ourselves, but I’m here to tell you to embrace the ignorance of mobile technology.
First off, let me be clear: ignorance is not stupidity. This is something that people in tech support have gotten all wrong. When we face facts, most people buy amazing pieces of technology because of the end result that it accomplishes. Only a very select few buy it to dissect every circuit. So if you don’t know everything about the phone in your hands, don’t sweat it. You are a part of the majority.
Unfortunately, due to this fact, there are some things that you are probably doing to cause your phone to screw up…
First things first: turn your phone off once in a while. One of the things I hear from a lot of people is the fact that their smartphone is NEVER off. This is one of the first things that will start to cause little glitches in the phones operations. I know it sounds very trivial, but I promise you, it will probably save you a trip to come see me.
Another thing that a lot of people forget to do is check for software updates on their phone. I heard an interview with one of the guys who helped run the Apollo 11 mission from the ground, and he said that the whole mission could have been run from the technology that is found in today’s smartphones. These are tiny computers. They have updates just like your desktop and laptop computers. Do them when they pop up and they will save you a lot of grief as well.
A final thought I will leave you with is this: be careful. Bumps and bruises that a phone endures along the way can cause a lot of headache down the road. Get a good protective case if you are a bull in a china shop.
So yeah, it’s probably your fault, but that’s ok! No one ever really tells us these things. We usually find out the hard way.
Contributed By Chris Pennington

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