Pay it Forward

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 No doubt you have seen or heard of the 2000 movie “Pay it Forward” with Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment about a young boy given a chance to make the world a better place. The boy, Trevor McKinney has an alcoholic mother and an absent father. His father, is caught up by an unusual...

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Huddle Up

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Each day at RCG we invest 15 minutes of everyones time to come together for a Huddle, which is sharing of information and the state of the business for the current month. It starts at 8:03 AM and ends promptly at 8:18 AM. We have started our day like this for over 5 years and...

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What’s your Brand

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RCG has gone through a revamping and re-clarification of its’ brand promise the last quarter. Putting to words what we do that sets us apart from our competitors, working on our elevator pitch that answers the questions “Who do you work for”? or “What do you do for a living”? Most people think they can...

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What’s New In Wireless?

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What’s new in Wireless? Everything! It seems as though there is a new Smartphone, Tablet or App released daily. How in the world do you keep up with it all? You have to read! But do I want to scour the internet or magazines or trade publications, No. I am a big fan of Google....

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