Bigger Screens = Better! Or does it?

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There is a Saturday Night Live sketch that aired some years ago when Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon were still regulars on the show. It took place in a posh men’s clothing store and basically poked fun at the outrageousness of the sales people who worked there. The funniest part of the skit was when...

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Spreading Mojo – A Lesson in Enthusiasm

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The reason I work for RCG now is because someone I knew overheard someone talking about RCG. This led to questions about the company, and finally to a job opening that I applied for. The main take-away though was this: somebody loved their job enough to spread the good news! At RCG, we call this...

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Just Pull the Battery… Really…

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I’ve been working with electronics for a number of years now and specifically tech support for mobile devices for a little over 2 years. Even over that respectively short period of time, I’ve worked on some crazy ones (devices and humans). We all can get a little befuddled by malfunctioning smartphones, and believe me, I...

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4G – Confused? Maybe this will help..

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        4G is a term that has been thrown around the mobile industry for the last few years, and like many things, there is quite a bit of confusion around the topic. 4G has almost become as big of a mystery as the Bermuda Triangle or Sasquatch with its vague descriptions and...

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How The Mighty Have Fallen: Who’s next?

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Today writer Adam Thierer wrote a great story about the new faces of the mobile industry who have shown up and how easily they have started to replace the old faces. I’ll cover some of the ideas from that article and give my take. 5-7 years ago, Google was a search engine. Apple was...

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Technology Overload – Can I Get A Smaller Brain, Please?

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I felt that it was time to get a little philosophical again, and talk about some of the effects that technology has on the human condition (please, try to contain the utter joy about to burst forth). More than anything, I like to do this to keep myself in check. I deal with all kinds...

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RCG Ecommerce Shop Site – High Ratings

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Josh Mackens of Tutelary Marketing has been helping our RCG Shop site manager Jeremy Dixon with SEO development, SEO implementation, website consulting, conversion consulting, click through consulting, & graphic design the past month.  Has this advice paid off? You bet is has.  Jeremy states, “Without him I do not see the site being nearly what it...

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The NEW iPad… Need We Say More?

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Last week Apple unveiled the newest weapon in their war for mobile domination: The New iPad. Not iPad3, not iPad2s… The New iPad. Why put a number on it when you pretty much own the Tablet market? If you were just getting settled in with that pretty awesome iPad 2 (which I was) guess what?...

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Google Puts Their Spin on Android Market with Google Play Rename

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For all you Android users out there, you probably noticed a subtle change over the past few days. The “little green bag” icon representing the Android Market application suddenly took on a new look and name. The Android Market is now called Google Play, indicating that this is Google’s database for mobile apps, music, movies,...

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