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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a unique American holiday.  A day off for most, at least until Midnight, and lots of good food, seeing  friends and family, football and adding 3 pounds on the mid section.  Somewhere in the hustle and bustle is time spend reflecting and verbalizing the many things we are thankful for.  We do have much to be grateful for in spite of the troubles and pains for many people the past few years.  My heart goes out to those facing dire circumstances with job loss, home loss and financial woes.  I hope and pray that things turn around soon. We still live in the greatest country in world.  After all, even now, there are those risking peril, isolation from family and arrest to get here and take part in what America offers which is Freedom and Opportunity.

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods said last week.

“America became the wealthiest country because for most of our history we have followed the basic principles of economic freedom: property rights, freedom to trade internationally, minimal governmental regulation of business, sound money, relatively low taxes, the rule of law, entrepreneurship, freedom to fail, and voluntary exchange.”

As we gather around the table tomorrow, offer thanks for what we have that many in the world do not have , say thanks for those that have sacrificed for us, say thanks to those that love and care for us.  Eat a lot, help with the dishes, watch 3 football games, eat leftovers  and celebrate the fact that we can do all this because we live in America.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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