Our Process

When working with a new client, we typically follow a multi-step process that enables us to go in as consultants, do the right homework, bring together the right people, and then implement a plan that will work and work well.


During this stage we ask a lot of questions and do a lot of looking around. We try to get all the information we can from both a technology and an operational standpoint.

We learn your needs and concerns. We try to discover what type of resources your people are accessing. Are they using internal resources or remote resources? Are they editing the data and putting it back or downloading it? What’s the big picture? How does everything fit?

The Whiteboard

After the interview (or interviews), we meet as a group and whiteboard your business model. We run an exhaustive series of “what ifs.” Special attention is paid to the key pieces of technology that make your business work – or not work.

Once those areas are identified, we begin generating ideas. Then we concentrate our focus on the ones that we believe are most cost-effective and right for your situation. After putting our recommendations into a proposal, we bring in our internal buyer, to make sure we are getting the best prices and rates for everything we recommend.

The Presentation

This is where we deliver and explain our recommendations. We give you the benefits and the consequences. We take you through the various options. Then it’s your turn to ask the questions. And we encourage you to ask lots of questions, because we want you to be comfortable with every aspect of our proposals.